Welcome to Social Justice Creations

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Welcome to Social Justice Creations

Welcome to Social Justice Creations


Dr. Michael D’Andrea

President of the Social Justice Creations Website

Welcome to what we hope you will find to be one of the most innovative, resourceful, relational, and multicultural-social justice-oriented websites that you have come across in a long time. The primary purpose of the Social Justice Creations website is to develop resources and interpersonal connections that help build a more just, healthy, sane, and peaceful society. We have designed this website based on the following fundamental purposes.

First, the Social Justice Creations website is designed to provide resources and help connect people in our society who are interested in learning more about how justice, healthy human development, and peace are intimately connected.

The second purpose of this website is to encourage, stimulate, and help implement new strategies that foster healthy human development by having persons, who visit and participate in the Social Justice Creations website, to join with others in taking action to promote a greater level of justice and peace in our society.

Third, having worked in the education and the mental health professions for more than 40 years, I have come to understand the tremendous untapped potential that these professions have in helping to stimulate a greater level of justice and peace in ways that foster healthy human development. Thus, a major purpose of this website is to assist interested persons to work together in implementing action strategies and volunteer service projects that are aimed at realizing the full potential that educators, mental health professionals, and anyone in the general public have to build a more sane, healthy, just, and peaceful society.

Fourth, the Social Justice Creations website is a learning tool as well as an interactive vehicle that enables professional educators, mental health practitioners, students, and anyone in the general public, who are interested in making new connections with like-minded people who seek to promote justice, peace, and human development in their own unique ways in the communities where they live and work. This includes convening free consultation, collaborative, and action planning interventions that complement and extend the work many people in our society are currently doing to promote healthy human development by promoting justice and peace.

Fifth, another important purpose of this website is to serve as a resource and community-building initiative that is grounded in fundamental principles of democracy. Consequently, we have taken time to ensure that this website truly operates “by the people,” “of the people,” and “for the people” in our national and global societies. The notions of participative democracy and unity through diversity are key principles that drive the learning resources and interactions that will be made available in this innovative technological social justice advocacy website.

We realize the importance of making the resources presented on the Social Justice Creations website within reach of all persons and especially those individuals who cannot afford to readily access the types of videos, Webinars, MP3s, and other technological resources that more economically-privileged people can purchase. In order to ensure the Social Justice Creations website does indeed operate “for the people”, there will be many free resources made available to the members of this website.

Other resources will be made available for sale at much more modest prices than those offered by other private and professional organizations. This includes resources related to multicultural counseling and psychotherapy, a social justice oriented perspective of healthy human development, an emphasis on culturally competent and responsive prevention interventions, and a broad range of issues related to recent neuroscientific research findings that have much relevance for the health and well-being of all the people in our society.

As a community-building organization, the Social Justice Creations website will not only include a blog where members of the website are encouraged to post their thoughts, feelings, and related reactions to the free Webinars and other materials/resources available on this website, but to also include a telephone communication system where individuals can call in live to ask questions and make comments about the presentations made by nationally respected social justice counseling and culturally-competent persons.

The above stated purposes of this innovative website provide a brief description of some of the many resources and community-building entities that will be included in the Social Justice Creations organization. Please take time to review our homepage and the links to specific areas that will be addressed by the website. If you are interested in becoming a free member of the Social Justice Creations website, please complete the brief membership form that is provided on the homepage.

We look forward to your participation and comments about the resources and communication systems that are designed to foster a greater level of democratic organizational practices that are truly reflective of our commitment to create a unique website that is “by the people”, “of the people”, and “for the people”.

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