Neuroscience and Social Justice

Social Justice and Neuroscience

Neuroscience and Social Justice

Introduction: The groundswell of interest in neuroscience and brain functioning research continues to go unabated in various disciplines. This research often has much direct relevance for the work that mental health professionals do in the field.

Among the persons who have expertise in both clinical work and neural science is Dr. Gabor Mate. Dr. Mate is an exceptional expert when it comes to presenting information that links together research and neural science, brain functioning, broad cultural contextual issues, as all of these three domains impact psychological diagnoses, mental health promotion, all of which are tied to various social injustices.

The following links are provided for interested persons to review to gain new knowledge about the ways in which neuroscience, brain functioning, broad cultural contextual factors, are related to the roles that mental health practitioners can play in supporting and promoting the social justice counseling and advocacy movement.

To promote healthy human development among larger numbers of persons from diverse populations than has been done in the past.

Dr. Michael D’Andrea

President of Social Justice Creations

1. Dr. Gabor Maté M.D.

Presentations on a broad range of issues related to brain functioning, neuroscience, health, addiction, neuroplasticity and capitalism

Dr. Gabor Maté M.D.

This Canadian physician discusses the centrality of attachment issues in early childhood and specifically on brain development and function. Additional information about the links between neuroscience and addictions, ADD, and other mental health issues are presented in this video.

2. Dr Gabor Maté – Why Capitalism Makes Us Sick

Published on Sep 28, 2014

Gabor Maté is a Hungarian-born Canadian physician who specializes in the study and treatment of addiction and is also widely recognized for his perspective on Attention Deficit Disorder and his firmly held belief in the connection between mind and body health. He has authored four books exploring topics including attention deficit disorder, stress, developmental psychology and addiction. He is a regular columnist for the Vancouver Sun and the Globe and Mail.

3. Dr. Gabor Mate speaking at the Neuroplasticity and Education conference –

October 25, 2013

Published on Nov 4, 2013

Dr. Gabor Mate speaking at the Neuroplasticity and Education: Strengthening the Connection conference presented by the Eaton Educational Group at the Westin Bayshore Hotel on October 25, 2013.

4. Brain Development & Addiction with Dr. Gabor Maté:

Strong implications of neuroscience and brain development/functioning for a environmental change/social justice counseling and advocacy perspective

5. Dr. Gabor Maté: Consequences of Stressed Parenting

6. Dr. Gabor Maté: Attachment and Brain Development

7. Dr. Gabor Maté – What Promotes Positive Health

Published on Aug 12, 2012

The Zeitgeist Vancouver chapter presents Dr. Gabor Maté giving a presentation entitled ‘What Promotes Positive Health? (2012-06-03)

8. Dr. Gabor Maté ~ Who We Are When We Are Not Addicted: The Possible Human

Uploaded on Jan 12, 2012

Dr. Gabor Maté gives us clues as to who we are when we are not addicted. Filmed January 9th, 2012 in Vancouver, B.C. as part of a launch for Beyond Addiction:

The Yogic Path to Recovery. The next five weekend Beyond Addiction program with Dr. Gabor Maté and Sat Dharam Kaur N.D. begins Feb 15, 2013 in Toronto.

For more information see…

9. Dr. Gabor Maté: How stress can cause disease.

Published on May 9, 2012

Dr. Gabor Maté talks about how hidden stress from childhood and beyond can impact overall health and even evoke diseases like cancer and multiple sclerosis.



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