Healthy Human Development and Social Justice

Healthy Human Development

Healthy Human Development and Social Justice

The social Justice Creations website will include videos, MP3 recordings, and other resources that are useful for persons who are interested in learning more about the connections that exist between healthy human development and social justice. Conversely, information will also be provided that documents the various ways that healthy human development is compromised when people experience various forms of social injustice in their lives.

One of the characteristics of the Social Justice Creations website that distinguishes it from other websites is the emphasis that is placed on moving from talking about social justice and injustice to taking actions that help to promote a greater level of social justice in our society. With this in mind, this website provides information related to various volunteer service projects that go on in schools, universities, and/or communities across the United States and in other nations around the world.

You will find several places on the website that are designed to facilitate the shift from “talking to action” including a major project that the social Justice creation website supports which is entitled “The Call of Conscience”.

The Social Justice Creations website will also provide opportunities to schedule online meetings that are designed to create and implement various action strategies that can be implemented in local communities, state-wide communities, national communities, and international initiatives. This is a unique feature of the Social Justice Creations website that represents a tool for consulting, connecting, organizing, and implementing social justice endeavors with other allies in our nation and around the world. If you are interested in scheduling a meeting time, please contact us at


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  1. Bob DAndrea


    This is a wonderful website for getting a better understanding the social problems that we so badly need to help change.
    I look forward to being apart of the next webinar.
    ———–Bob DAndrea Retired NYC Public School Teacher

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