Call of Conscience

The “Call of Conscience” is a term that was popularized during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. This concept continues to be used today by various human rights leaders when calling together persons in the general citizenry as well as people in different groups and organizations to work together to foster a greater level of justice, sanity, and peace in our nation and global society.

As a “calling” this concept is aimed at uniting people, who work to foster justice and peace in our world as individuals and/or in various groups and organizations. However, the power of such efforts is often lost as a result of the fragmented and disconnected work of such individuals and groups. By responding to the “Call of Conscience” in a unified manner, people are able to maximize their collective potential in addressing the injustices that are known to adversely impact the healthy development of individuals in marginalized and de-valued groups by ameliorating such injustices in more powerful and collective ways.

With this brief backdrop in mind, the present “Call of Conscience” is being made to connect citizens in our society in general and members of the mental health and education professions in particular. People familiar with this concept understand that the process of the “Call of conscience” begins by bringing together a small group of people who are interested in trying new and more effective ways to realize a greater level of justice and peace in our society by working collectively with one another.

Through a process of developing a clear vision, purpose, and direction, people who heed the “Call of Conscience” are able to expand their numbers in ways that can ultimately result in a mass movement comprised of persons from diverse groups all striving to achieve shared goals.

The first formal “Call of Conscience” took place on Friday, March 13, 2015 during the annual ACA Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. At this meeting the persons in attendance agreed to support the National/International Coalition- Building Initiative (Please see the link for this project for more details).

Over the next year, we will cross professional boundaries by reaching out to national social work organizations, psychology associations, social justice organizations, multicultural associations, religious communities, universities, and other institutions whose members may be interested in joining the “Call of Conscience.”

Knowing how many activities and commitments people have going in their lives, a unique aspect of this Call of Conscience is NOT to ask people to agree to work 100% more on 2 or more projects, but rather to commitment themselves to participate with others by agreeing to volunteer 2.5% – 5% more of the time they spend at work each week as participants in various action strategies that underlie the Call of Conscience. Assuming that many people work a 40 hour work week (which most of us work much longer) this translates into 1 to 2 hours of volunteer energy being directed to achieve shared goals among those persons who heed the Call of Conscience.

All persons are invited to join in the Call of Conscience movement. More specific information and resources that are relevant for this initiative are available on the Social Justice Creations website.

In the continuing struggle for justice and peace…..

Michael D’Andrea


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