Street Actions

Taking it to the Streets


Another unique characteristic of this website is the inclusion of free videos and free MP3 recordings  that are generated by members of the Social Justice Creations Community who videotape and audiotape persons in the communities where we live and work by “taking it to the streets”.

Currently, the Social Justice Creations website works with an independent video journalist who will share recordings of various events and interviews that he has participated in which reflect various issues as described by persons directly involved in creating a greater level of community-based justice.

We are in the editing stage of making these video resources available to members of the Social Justice Creations community. This includes a meeting with a homeless man with a disability who describes his life experiences and recommendations for mental health professionals, a brief video that records the funeral of Michael Brown who was killed in Ferguson Missouri in August 2015, and discussions with other persons in the communities where they live and work who share their perspectives on the need to work together to promote social justice in our world.

We hope you find the “taking it to the streets” concept to be helpful in thinking about new ways that mental health professionals and educators can work together with other people in their communities to address various forms of injustice and cultural oppression that continue to be perpetuated in our society.